Do not burn plastic
Fumes from burning plastic are highly toxic and can cause serious health issues to humans.
For the recycling process it is also extremely bad practice to burn plastic as the resulting products
will be damaged or lower quality. All plastics have a melting zone, which is a temperature
window between which they melt (eg. 130 to 171 °C), beyond those temperatures
plastic will begin to burn. Try to avoid that at all times.

In areas without a community and transport infrastructure,
like on remote islands, burning plastic is the only way to deal with it.
But the burning has to take place on high temperatures and with a good
air circulation. Fraunhofer Institut developed the prototype of a small oven
for household waste, with can be used to burn plastic waste, too.
In Thailand we will try to copy that oven to bring it to remote areas.

More informations on burning plastic coming soon. Any ideas about this?
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