Jatiwangi Arrival

Jatiwangi is a small village in West-Java, Indonesia. 10 years ago some artists & activists started here the Jatiwangi Art Factory, to develop the village infrastructure by art & culture. Today it is a very active group with 20 central activists and many people around them. A perfect place to make a SOCIAL PLASTIC PROJECT! 5 years ago, they made a big plastic project already. But it failed. Because they could not convince the local government to install proper rules about the waste management, everybody has to follow. Today, there is only existing a system of plastic bottle recycling. Because the companies pay for the bottles, the people collect and resell them. Like in many other countries. But for the rest of the plastic waste, plastic bags etc. there is no functional waste management. 5 years ago, the community builded a big oven. But it is not working well. The burning is not hot enough, the smoke stays around the oven and pollutes the environment very bad.

Our goal is, to improve the oven! First we will make a small prototype, based on the research oven by the Fraunhofer Institut. Later we want to make a version big enough for the whole villages plastic waste.

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